Eclipse of the Soul is Out Today!

My Second book in The Interdimensional Saga, Eclipse of the Soul, is out today on Amazon! Be sure to pick up your copy of both Book 1 and 2! I am very excited to see how you all like Book 2. It has more action than the first book and a bit more romance as well. Here is a snippet from Eclipse of the Soul, Book 2:

There were a lot of people starting to run away at this point. I lost track of Lancer and Ash, but those two girls started screaming. I looked their way and instantly knew what was happening.

There was one ripper right behind them. I wasn’t sure how it got past Lancer and the rest of the squad, but there it was grabbing the arm of the other girl. She had long red hair, the kind any woman would kill for. Her turquoise blouse and ripped jeans were paired with some nice sensible ballet slippers. If she could get away from that ripper she would be able to run much faster than her friend in the heels.

“Maliki, we need to help those two girls across the street, they have a ripper on them” I said as I was making my way across the street. They had already passed us so I assumed that was why Maliki missed what has happening.

“B’Lana, stop! You are not authorized for action tonight. There is nothing we can do for those girls. It is more important that you follow Lancer’s orders right now.”

“Screw Lancer’s orders! I joined your team so I could help humans, not sit around while they are attacked by rippers. You can follow me and help, or just watch. Your choice.” I said over my shoulder as I crossed the road.

I ended up right behind the ripper who held both girls by the arm now. I pulled out my knife and stabbed him in the back. The knife was long enough to reach his heart. But that was not a kill spot and I knew it.

It did however, work to get him to let go of the girls. “Run as fast as you can away from here and don’t look back.” I said as the ripper turned around to face me.

“Oh, a fighter huh? You will make a great addition to our army.” The ripper then reached forward to grab for me as I kicked him in the family jewels, it was my favorite move after all.

It only slowed him down a short time, but it was enough time for Maliki to join us.

“B’Lana, you really are crazy. I sure hope Lancer doesn’t see this.” Maliki said as he started fighting with the ripper.

The ripper grabbed his sword from his belt and engaged with Maliki. They both seemed to have forgotten I was still standing there.

As Maliki was battling the enemy, I grabbed my long sword off my back and positioned myself so that if I had a chance I could take a swipe at the ripper’s head.

It took a good minute or two, but the ripper eventually had his back to me. That was when I took my sword in both hands and swung it across his shoulders. I severed his head with a clean cut. The head rolled to the left side and hit the wall with a thud. Thankfully this time his eyes were facing the building and I only got a good look at the back of his head.

“B’Lana two, rippers zero!” I said while doing a touchdown dance and still holding my sword. Maliki looked at me like I was crazy.

Book 2 cover final


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