Book 3 Is Up For Pre-Order!

Hi Everyone! It is so exciting to be able to say that Book 3, The Eclipse of Power, is done and up for pre-order on Amazon here: The Eclipse of Power. You can also pick up your copy of Books 1 & 2 today!

The Eclipse of Power is the story of B’Lana and Ash making their way to Sendryl to help Lancer who is on trial. Sadly, they are ambushed as they are making their way to the house they are going to stay at. One of the members of their party dies. We also find out a bigger threat is out there.

I kill off an author friend of mine, Craig Martelle, and you get introduced to two other characters named after other people I know. Reuben is the son of one of my beta readers, and Xandrie is another author friend of mine. One of them will die in the next book, and the other might be with us for a while. Once you read this book be sure to let me know if you want both to die or one to live.

And keep an eye out for Fillie! You won’t want to miss her!

Book 3 final


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