Book 2 Snippet

Hi Everyone, Book 2 – Eclipse of the Soul is available now for reading. So I thought I would tempt you a bit with a little snippet from early on in the book:

“Lancer, are you actually complimenting something I did? I think I’m gonna die from shock!” I playfully said as I put the back of my hand to my forehead and faked a swoon right onto the picnic table. Sadly, I closed my eyes when I did so and I ended up falling into Ash’s lap.

Lancer was not too happy. He gave me a very stern look which made me feel like a little kid who was about to be scolded for giving my little brother a swirly or something.

Of course Ash used that opportunity to put his arms around me, to keep me from falling on the ground, or so he said. But he had the look of a cat that just ate the canary. Then he winked at me and let me go.

“B’Lana, Ash, this is not the time to play games. You need to be on constant guard so stop messing around. B’Lana, you especially need to be on your best behavior or you won’t be going out anytime soon.”

I just sighed and said, “Yes, sir.”

After that we started walking towards a nearby alley, and I chose to walk next to Maliki so Lancer would stop giving me dirty looks.

“You know, he’s just looking out for you. I know you think you can handle yourself out here, but you really don’t know what it’s like to fight a ripper. Once word gets out about you, they’ll come after you first, most likely several at a time. None of them have seen a fae hybrid and have no clue what you can do. So they are going to test you and if they kill you in the process, they won’t lose any sleep.” Maliki was cool to talk to. But he was also a realist. He told it to me like it was.

At that point I looked around to check out what people were doing. I noticed several girls who seemed to be trying to walk away quickly. They were whispering and kept looking back behind them, like someone was following them. They seemed afraid of something. One girl, she was maybe five feet six inches at best, with long blonde hair  was wearing a coral short sleeved top, a jean jacket and designer jeans with three inch wedge heels that matched her top. She was wiping a tear from her face. Her friend had this horrified look, almost like she had seen a ghost. I knew something was up with them. It may not have been ripper related, but something was definitely wrong.

“Hey Lancer,” I said as I was making my way closer to him. “Look at those two girls across the street coming this way. They seem very scared, like maybe someone is following them. Do you think it could be ripper related? Look at how they keep looking behind them and are walking fast, despite the fact that one of the girls is in heels.”

Lancer looked over at them and then started scanning the crowd behind them. He noted that the sun had been down for at least thirty minutes and a larger crowd back where the girls came from started parting and quickly moving away.

“Alright, there might be rippers out in the street. Maliki stay here with B’Lana and keep her safe. The rest of you come with me and spread out to check the alley behind where that group seems to be quickly moving away from.”

If you want to read the rest, head on over to Amazon and pick up your copy of Eclipse of the Soul: An Interdimensional Saga, Book 2


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