Snippet of Book 3, The Eclipse of Power

Book 3 is out for pre-order now and will be live this Friday, April 29th. Here is a snippet for those of you who have already read books 1 & 2. If you haven’t read them yet, what are you waiting for? Get caught up before Book 3 – The Eclipse of Power – arrives!

“Alright, listen up everyone. Since we have so many warriors together here, why don’t we see how well we can enact the Alpha One protocols? For those of you who are new, this is the plan to see how well we can defend the portal from an attack on this side.

“The parameters are that we get a call from HQ that a large number of rippers and hybrids are at the portal and it looks like they are planning an attack back home. We need to get there as quickly as we can and set up a perimeter of protection. We kill any and all enemies who come near, even if they come from Sendryl to Earth. With this scenario, it is possible that the guards on the Sendryl side have been compromised. If you have any questions before we head out I suggest you ask your squad leader, they have all been briefed on this scenario.”

Ash rounded up our squad and we headed out to our Hummer to get to the portal as quickly as possible. While we were running to our Hummer I noticed that two more squads were making their way to their vehicles just as quickly, while two squads were still in the square by the office buildings. Those two were newer teams and hadn’t done any drills with us yet.

“Command One, this is Squad 1. We have an Alpha One training scenario live, I repeat Alpha One training.” Mike’s voice was heard over the com letting the commander know what we were up to. He had a velvety smooth voice that made me smile. I wondered what a human woman would think if she heard him speak? I bet she would do whatever he told her to do.

After we pulled up to the area near the portal, I opened up my mind again to see if I could locate any rippers. I almost wet my pants; I heard so many voices in my head. And they were almost to our location!

“Ash, I can hear them coming. We have to hurry up and get into position. Can we call in reinforcements from Sendryl yet?” I looked to Ash as I said it and I knew he heard my voice in his head. One more ability I was going to have to practice once we finished off the approaching enemies.

“Toren, call up Central Command and let them know that we are here training for an Alpha One scenario. And request they keep an open line.” Ash looked right at me as he spoke to the new leader of Squad 2. I could see the hard edge as it entered his eyes. He was already in the zone and prepared to do battle.

The third squad walked up and started to spread out as we heard the bushes rustling. Everyone quickly and quietly took up positions and prepared for battle. I looked around at everyone and noticed that a couple of them didn’t look like they were taking this seriously. Two guys from Squad 3 whispered, but their squad leader looked at them and mouthed to shut up.

I heard them, the rippers were about to come out of the bushes and we only had three squads there at the moment. I told Ash I could hear the rippers. And that was when he led Squad 1 forward to engage the enemy as they appeared.

I hope you enjoyed that little taste of Book 3, The Eclipse of Power coming this Friday!


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