Writing Book 5

Hi Everyone! I am currently writing book 5 from the beautiful Santa Barbara beach! I came here for 5 days to check out the area. This city will be a main part of book 5 so I figured I should be here when I start writing it. Yesterday I went out and checked out a few local area sites that have some interesting lore. Did you know the Chumash Indians have inhabited this area for hundreds of years? I did not.

There are some caves in the National Forest just outside of the city, I drove to one in particular, the Painted Caves. It was a harrowing experience to be sure! I had to drive up a very winding and wet, one lane road, while people were going the opposite direction of me! Two cars sharing a winding road while it is covered in fog and drizzling? Yikes! But it only added to the aura of the cave when I got to it. They have it locked with an iron gate, but thankfully you can see through some holes in the gate to see the paintings. I was also able to see why it is now gated. Thanks to the “artwork” of people who wanted to leave their marks on the national treasure, we can no longer enter the cave. But it is small enough that I could see the paintings. It has inspired me to use caves in my book. I have no desire to taint the Chumash treasure,so my caves will actually look like ones I grew up playing in. But it was the aura of the Chumash cave that gave me the idea. Here are some photos of what the area was like:

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