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Update on Book 5

I have very exciting news for Book 5, Age of the Eclipse. For my last 3 book covers I used stock images that contained one model in particular. Well, I reached out to the photographer who uploaded his pictures to my stock photo site and is friends with the model! They are very excited about my book covers featuring her and wanted to do some more photo shoots! Turns out she is a former Olympian from Italy!!! How exciting is that??? Sorry I am VERY excited! This weekend they are doing photo shoots so that I can re-do cover 1 and also book 5! Because of this there will be a delay in releasing book 5. I want it to be perfect! Or as perfect as I can make it! So, here is a snippet of the book, and after that snippet is a video of the fire dancing that my model does! Turns out she is very talented and artistic! She helped to design her outfits. 🙂 And the outfit on my covers? She designed it.




DeeDee – Searching for B’Lana

As I walked to my car I felt like I was being watched or maybe followed. When I turned around to look, a white box van pulled up next to me and two guys grabbed me so fast I didn’t have time to fight back or scream.

Once I was pushed to the back of van I did start screaming. Those were the eyes of a vampire! I had just been kidnapped by a vampire and knew that I was going to die!

One of them put his hand over my mouth and told me to shut up. I bit his fingers and he slapped me so hard I hit my head on the side of the van and saw stars.

“If you keep quiet you’ll make it safely to where we are going. But if you don’t…” He made a slicing movement over his neck with his finger, like he would cut my head off or something if I disobeyed.

“My name is Vinnie, and this here is Edward. Listen to us and answer our questions and you might make it out of this alive. But if you cause me any problems, you will be my next meal.” Vinnie gave me a smirk that caused my blood to run cold. I was literally shivering sitting there in that van while Edward leered at me and licked his lips.

“Wh-what do you want with me?” I had no idea why they would take me, I knew nothing about them.

After a question and answer session that hurt more than anything, I was knocked out and awoke as we pulled up to their warehouse in Santa Barbara.

Vinnie pulled me out of the van. I tried to get out of his grasp but he was too strong for me to fight.

While we were walking up to the entrance, a group of guys jumped us.

One guy took me and said, “Don’t worry, we’re the good guys. We’re here to rescue you from these blood suckers. Are you ok? They didn’t bite you did they?”

“Wh-who are you?” I looked up into the eyes of this giant of a man, and thankfully his eyes looked human. He had to be over six feet five inches tall, with short red hair and green eyes. He pulled me to the side so I was out of the way of the fighting.

“Sorry, I’m James. And yes, I’m human so no need to worry. Let’s get you out of here and to safety.”

“Thank you, how did you know I needed rescuing? Did B’Lana call you?”

“We keep an eye on this place and anytime we see them bringing in humans we jump them. I’m just glad it was only three vamps in that van with you. Makes it much easier to kill them.”

I looked over at the humans fighting the vampires and I saw one human down on the ground. I wasn’t sure if he was dead or just injured.

As I watched, a woman with long brown hair pulled back into a braid was chopping the head off a vampire with some sort of sword, it looked like the driver.

“That’s my wife Bethany, she’s a total warrior! We have been killing vamps since we were kids.” James looked at his wife with an adoring smile.

Then I looked over to the other guys, there were six humans fighting off the two other vampires. One vampire had already lost an arm and another had cuts all over him. Vinnie was getting beat up pretty good. Couldn’t say I was sorry. He deserved to die.

Just then, a vampire hunter came up behind Vinnie and stabbed him through the heart as another one who was in front of him stabbed him in the chest. Vinnie looked like a vampire pin cushion. I couldn’t help but smile.

A third hunter lobbed off Vinnie’s head. Now they were down to just one vampire.

With six hunters, it was an easy kill.

Bethany came over to me and asked, “Are you alright? What happened? Please tell me you don’t have any bit marks anywhere?”

“I’m good now. Thank you so much for saving me. And as far as I know they haven’t bitten me. I was unconscious for most of the ride here from LA. But one of them said they wanted information from me so they weren’t going to bite me, yet. I didn’t have the information they wanted so I knew I was going to die tonight. Thank you all so much for saving me.

“Can you help me get home? I’m sure my family is worried about me. My best friend, B’Lana disappeared just a few months ago and now my parents worry every time I’m in LA looking for her. Do you have a phone I can use to call them? I don’t know what happened to my phone.”

“We can see if your purse is in the white van but we must get out of here before any of the vamps in that warehouse realize we’re out here. We can’t fight them all off.” James said as he walked over to the van. He found my purse and handed it to me as we all walked quickly to their Jeeps.

Bethany said, “I’m sorry but you can’t go home yet. We have to make sure that you weren’t bitten so you’ll need to stay with us for a few days while we observe you. But don’t worry, we’ll take good care of you and come up with a good story for your family.”

I was rescued from one kidnapping situation just to be thrown into another one. At least these weren’t vampires who were going to suck my blood, I hoped…

I hope you enjoyed the beginning of book 5! While DeeDee is safe from the Rippers, she is not out of hot water yet! Keep a look out for another snippet or the pre-sale notice of Book 5! Coming as soon as the cover is done!

And as promised, her is the link to the video of Giusy, my model. She is the girl with the Asian writing on her ribs. You Tube video of Anima Ignis


Earthquake Season!

Most people don’t realize it, but there is such a thing in So Cal as an earthquake season. It is due mostly to rapid changes in the temperature. I doubt it is scientific, but those from the area understand that when you have many days of 20 degree changes in temp, you should expect to feel the earth move.

Last night’s 5.2 shake at 1:04am is just one example. I am about 70 miles from Borrego Springs. It is a small desert town that Bob Hope used to vacation at. As a kid that was exciting, to be in an area where Bob Hope might be! I doubt he was there when I was, but with my childhood imagination I could imagine that his house was just down the street from where we stayed. My parents had a rich friend who’s house there was like a mansion, so to me, Bob could have lived down the street. I often imagined Mr. Hope would come and offer me a chance to be in his next movie. Although, by then he had stopped making movies. But my childhood fancies didn’t register that fact. My thoughts are with those in Borrego Springs this week as they continue to shake with after-shocks.

When I woke up at 1am the earthquake felt like it might be close. We have a couple of fault lines not to far away. One of them is usually quite active, but hasn’t moved much the past couple of years. The San Adreas Fault was quite active my entire childhood. Not so much these days.

In school we practiced earthquake drills. And in business we do the same thing. Although, the process is a bit different now. When we were kids, we were told to get under a table or stand in a doorway. I can remember a large quake when i was about 5 years old and my babysitter had me standing in the coat closet doorway. Today, we are told not to do that. In fact, after all of the buildings that have gone through massive earthquakes, specialist say to find a large sturdy desk and squat down next to it, not under it. We still have to get as small as we can and put our hands over the back of our neck. And we still need to watch out for glass that could explode out onto us. But the reason behind squatting next to a desk or table is that when the clean-up crews would come into buildings after an earthquake, they saw voids under all the debris. These voids were consistently found next to large tables or desks. What would happen is the ceiling or other items, would fall on the desk and cause it to break, but it would form a type of tee-pee and the area next to side of the desk left a void that would have protected a person if they were in that spot.

Something to think about the next time you drop and cover.

I am still waiting for the ocean font property that all of the “experts” keep talking about. Hello 2012 anyone? LOL

Featured image is courtesy of Sara Alonzo via The Desert Sun. It was taken inside the La Quinta Wal-Mart not long after the 5.2 quake.


A.J Chaudhury Interviewed me

I was recently interviewed by a young author from India! Below is the interview from A. J. Chaudhury. He is an 18 yr fantasy author who lives in India! Check out his blog and his books too!

It’ s author J. L. Hendricks on my blog today. She is the author of The Eclipse Series. You can visit her at her blog 1)Do introduce yourself a bit. HI There! My Pen name is J.L. Hendricks, but you…

Source: Interview with J. L. Hendricks